Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Utilizing Blogs as a Web 2.0 Tool

Using a blog as a web 2.0 tool is very rewarding. Participants in blogs can responds to posts, comments, discuss, and use forums. Blogs can be an ideal example of a collaborative and engaging learning.  After searching blogs I found some good inspiring ones, although Arabic K-12 field is still growing in the U.S.A and needs a lot of attentions and efforts from educators and executives. I usually search other contents and convert or get ideas to build Arabic curricula with perspective of the differences.
These are the blogs that I discovered and subscribed:
First blog:
            This blog has many good resources for the Arabic and chines contents. NOVA STARTALK is a summer institute in its third year designed to help teachers integrate technology tools and 21st century language pedagogy in the Arabic and Chinese curricula. Arabic and Chinese teachers in each language will create a collection of activities to expand the curriculum presently in place.
This blog provides programs and Apps that are used in teaching foreign languages.
This blog has a flipped classroom method assignment. I can use many of these links in my classroom.
These blogs are good resources for the Arabic content.
This blog is a good resource for Arabic and Indian contents.
This blog lists some of the more interesting blogs from or about the Arab countries. This content is for 8-16 age level.
This blog has games and fun activities for Arabic content. 

Online Learning and Teaching journal for "Faye Deter" is very beneficial in this matter, it provides a wide explanation of a collaborative learning using wiki web 2.0 tool. Defiantly, technology is continuously evolving, which allows users to go beyond reading and doing assignments.
The following YouTube presents a great example of utilizing social media tools; wikis, blogs and tweets in a classrooms.

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